Our Products


Recruitment & On-Boarding

A state-of-the-art recruitment module, with applicant tracking, an interview assistant, personality insights and predictive analytics to hire the right candidate and integrates with our on-boarding module for a smooth welcome.

Leave / Time off Management

This highly flexible module is capable of supporting local and global leave policies and rules to monitor and manage employee time off. Staff can book time off and track them while they go through an automated approval workflow.

HR Modules:

System Administration & User Roles

The System Administration module is packed with tools to create data sets, extract reports and create a well-functioning and organized HR environment.

Employment Compliance

It is an efficient way to help manage completion and storage of the forms an employment compliance authority requires for new hires in your country. The solution transforms manual procedures into an automated online process with electronic forms and documents with easy access and secured storage.


The HRMS makes your HR environment as adaptable as you are. Enjoy the flexibility to monitor and manage HR services on Android or iPhone device when you are away from the office.