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We are at the forefront of medical practice management, with state-of-the-art patient management software. As ever, the face of medicine is changing, and an effective practice must change with it to maintain efficacy. At PMS, we are on the leading edge of this change and the emerging medical practice management technology. We help today's physician to streamline their practice using today's available technology. Web-based services at PMS coalesce with your practice in order to simplify the entirety of the healthcare process and the patient care cycle. Patient scheduling, reports and analysis, prescription writing, patient history and all become unified in one "virtual office" - accessible anywhere a broadband connection is available. Spending less time on administrative minutiae allows healthcare professionals more time to spend in the real, visceral medical arena, where the beating heart of healthcare lay.

In short Patient Management System offers the following ....

  • 1) Keeps track of the patient history including consultation, diagnosis and treatment details.
  • 2) Various reports indicating the patient population, patient-wise consultation, diagnosis, treatment or prescription reports can be generated.Timely reports such as monthly, daily weekly or yearly can also obtained.
  • 3) The software can be customized to physician office's needs and can be used anywhere with a broadband internet connection.

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